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Just about to put the last touches on my flight suit and pick up my bags and head to the airport. If you all could please send some gentle staying in the air thoughts to the West Coast that'd be grand. We'll be in the air till at least 10:45 PDT--possibly longer, but we do need to land safely as well, so use your discretion. :)

I did not do absolutely everything I wanted to do before leaving but there is an open trail to the cat dishes so Sandy can feed them and their litterboxes have been cleaned so that unpleasant chore is taken care of for the next little bit.

I almost forgot to put the boarding pass I printed out last night into my bag and now I am wondering what else I am forgetting but besides keys, money, ID, clothes and a boarding pass, what do you really need when you are going all of 900 miles up the road? Well, klonopin, of course, but I've got that.

Time to unplug the computer and say goodbye to the cats. The hardest part!

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