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From the air

Well, I'm not in the air anymore but I could have posted from the air: Virgin has wireless internet onboard their domestic flights at least. I took the opportunity to have a short gmail chat with [profile] zyrcster just so I could say I was 35,000 feet above Lassen Peak headed towards Mt Shasta and could still chat with her everyday-like at her office in San Francisco.

The future is upon us.

Maybe I'm easily impressed or don't fly often enough but Virgin kind of blew me away. They charge a nominal fee for everything--except checking a bag is $25 so I left my wallet chains at home and carried on a small duffel bag, figuring I could get a wallet chain here for less than $25--so I understand why they are at least not losing tons of money because everything they offer is irresistible. Broadband wireless in the air? Sure I'll pay $9 for it! You can even by headphones for $2 if you forgot to bring your own. They have games and TV shows and all sorts of stuff you can do/watch on the little screen in front of each seat but I did not have time to do much before we were across the Columbia River. After that I have to watch everything because the approach to Seattle is always breathtaking.

Anyway I also dug the faux black lit cabin--really blue and purple lighting that makes it look like you are in a club rather than an airplane--and the leather covered seats and the very modern shaped plastic bulkheads and whatnot. No curtain between coach and first class; a smoke colored double pane of something that probably was not real glass.

So I'm here in Seattle for the first time in a year. I've been up since 1am. I could probably have coffee and force myself to stay up longer but really a nap seems more reasonable. Lisa is at work and probably won't be home for at least three hours. That's long enough for me to zonk out quite thoroughly.

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