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Moar coffeeeeeeee

So I've been asleep, mainly. I spent most of my time in Seattle on the same schedule as everyone else, more or less: awake during the day, asleep at night--you know, like most people on the planet. I wanted to go back to my eccentric cycle but sleeping normally threw my body way off I guess because I've not been able to stay awake for more than five or six hours at a time from the time I returned until Saturday, and Saturday I was just like whoa I'm awake but tonight/today I am more or less cognizant of my surroundings. I've been up since 4pm yesterday and I don't know how much longer I will stay awake but it's been nice not to nod off every time I look at one spot for too long. I'd like to go get some Philz coffee but it is more likely that I will just go make myself a little french press pot full. In fact..

It's now brewing. In seven minutes I pour. I like the coffee that this thing makes but I must confess I still really miss my Java Wand. Maybe I'll save up for another. Something about letting the grounds sit in your coffee the whole time you are drinking from the cup adds an extra oomph to the experience--probably because it continues to brew, so the more slowly you drink, the stronger your remaining coffee becomes. The french press is good but once you pour that's it. I've started letting it sit longer and longer before pouring but it just isn't the same.

I've been hyper-focusing on Python most of the night and my head is beginning to hurt a bit from peering at the screen. Maybe I should turn the brightness down? Probably I should look into what it will take to get new glasses. Used to be Medi-Cal paid for new specs but I am told that it is a little more difficult to get them to do that now. I'm starting not to see so well far away and I cannot read with my glasses on at all anymore. Tiny print is a mystery.

The vacation recap may not be very exciting. Lisa did drive me down to the Yelm Cemetery where we had to ask where Grandma had been buried. It is a small cemetery but not small enough that you would want to read every single gravestone in an afternoon. The groundskeeper found her plot there next to Grandpa Milo's and her marker has been finished and placed. I did not really know what to do but I sat on the grass for a little while and then left her a note. We didn't poke around Yelm much at all. Since mostly I visited my Mom's family there when I was growing up the place is full of half-articulated ghosts whom I'm happy not to arouse. I don't associate Elsie with Yelm because she and my grandpa moved out to the ocean when I was about nine or ten years old, but they lived most of their adult lives there so I guess it was home to them.

I did notice that it still smells the same: Douglas Firs and manure. Odd as that might sound it is not an unpleasant smell unless you are face to face with the latter component. I actually like the smell and am glad that it hasn't changed. It's sweet and coniferous, like a boreal forest with a few pastures mixed in. Because I guess that is what it is.

Have a look. Be sure to hit satellite view and zoom to and fro. The forests that are left once covered the whole area.

Oh wow. Searching for Solberg Rd in Yelm lands me right on the farm. It's on the west side of the street from the "A" marker. I don't know who all lives there anymore. I can see, though, that there's been a bit of logging. The big wide slash of an easement must be the road the trucks used to get the trees; it didn't used to be there and most of the plot was wooded. The land was divided among the six kids in my mom's generation but I am not sure whose land has been logged, but I think the upper left corner is my mom's.

Dang. I wish they hadn't taken so many trees out. :( Now I'm quite glad I didn't go look.

Anyway. Other than taking that trip I mostly hung out, which was generally a good thing. I slept later than I had planned on Pride Sunday so I missed the parade but since the after-parade festival was at Seattle Center it was not far at all to walk over there and mix in with the thousands of brightly-clad queerish celebrants. I don't have much of a tolerance for very crowded venues anymore but we only stayed long enough that I got a few pics of the Space Needle flying the rainbow flag.

Here you can see a couple. I'm going to work on uploading a few more pics later on this morning:

Space Needle with Rainbow Flag, 2010

It was a cloudy day; no sunscreen needed!

The last notable thing is that while playing music geek with S, I found out about yet another code-based music program, SuperCollider. This means that I have about five things I am trying to learn at the same time as getting my autobiography together. Three of them are computer music programs that require coding at various levels. I'm beginning to get confused as to what structures I've seen in what language, but I suppose that is what help files are for. And coffee. And 24 hours awake at a time.

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