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hole in the pocket

i think i might go get that shirt i saw yesterday. i think it would go with my gray pants so i think i might put on my gray pants and go try the shirt on and see how it looks.

this would after all be more fun than getting back to work or even thinking of getting back to work which i told myself i would do this week but i haven't quite laid out the plans for laying out the plans yet and if i pile on enough preliminaries i might be able to put off working until october.

tomorrow i will go to school and find out what a prospectus actually is. they told me once but i was so far from being at the point of writing one i didn't pay very close attention. writing about what you are going to be writing about strikes me as something i might be able to do very well but i need to see an example or two of just how one does it without giving away the store. i mean it would be a shame if what i had envisioned for 250-page dissertation turned out to be completely explainable in 20 pages.

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