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why I talk to myself

It is Sunday morning about 4:30 and I am standing in the kitchen. I just said to myself, "Österreich" because I could not remember Deutsch for La France but had just posed the question to myself: "C'est Sonntag, jah?" without really thinking about what I was doing. From ? for France to Österreich is not a huge leap but I really do not know where "C'est Sonntag" came from. Except that it is early Sunday morning and I was trying to get a grip on what day it was because for a moment I thought it might be Monday. Mais no; c'est Sonntag. Morgen, monsieur.

I woke up singing Kraftwerk. Trans-Europe Express--the only Kraftwerk song I really know which is heresy that I don't know more of them but for some reason I prefer my computer rock somewhat more angsty à la Gary Numan. The obvious reason is that I prefer most anything just a little more angsty.

Things are falling in the livingroom, accompanied by the sound of cat feet scrambling this way and that. I will go look in a minute. The feet keep going after the things fall so I know everyone is ok. We celebrate morning like this: I get coffee, the cats run around like the little half-wild beasts they are. "Beast" is not a term of deprecation. Which is not the same as saying it is not a deprecated term; it kind of is to the degree that no one uses it as though it were precise in any way anymore. Still I prefer "companions" or "family." Not "kids"; particularly demanding cousins, more like.

Now it is eight hours later and I am getting up again. I knew that I would not last long at 4am but I didn't expect the second stage of sleep to take me all the way to noon but I'm not complaining at all because this means I will probably have enough energy to stay awake until sometime tomorrow morning meaning I could go out and take photos at sunset tonight and again at sunrise tomorrow except that I have enough photos to keep me busy for awhile so I should probably stay in and edit the ones I have. Either way, I have time, I think.

I woke up singing a tune without a name. Another one to record in voice memos on my phone or on my ipod. I need to reinstall the application that uses guitar tablature to make a score and a midi file although it may be that I can do most of that in GarageBand except the tablature but that is not what's important really I can figure out which notes go where.

It's morning. I could do anything.

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Jul. 25th, 2010 11:42 pm (UTC)
I'm pretty sure "Pocket Calculator" was their hit. People thought it was New Wave. Here's a nice live video of "Trans-Europe Express". The synth melody line (the only one in the song, really) has been sampled by just about everyone but I think the song actually lent itself to dance mixes. I heard it in various clubs around 1983, 84.

I hadn't heard "Musique Non-Stop." Now I have!
Jul. 26th, 2010 12:31 am (UTC)
that was interesting for a minute or two and then i bailed. my bad! it made me want to listen to Tangerine Dream's "Love on a Real Train," though. *g*
Jul. 26th, 2010 01:54 am (UTC)
Oh no worries here. That was a very long version; I didn't even listen to the whole thing. I was enjoying the train footage, myself. :)


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