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why I talk to myself

It is Sunday morning about 4:30 and I am standing in the kitchen. I just said to myself, "Österreich" because I could not remember Deutsch for La France but had just posed the question to myself: "C'est Sonntag, jah?" without really thinking about what I was doing. From ? for France to Österreich is not a huge leap but I really do not know where "C'est Sonntag" came from. Except that it is early Sunday morning and I was trying to get a grip on what day it was because for a moment I thought it might be Monday. Mais no; c'est Sonntag. Morgen, monsieur.

I woke up singing Kraftwerk. Trans-Europe Express--the only Kraftwerk song I really know which is heresy that I don't know more of them but for some reason I prefer my computer rock somewhat more angsty à la Gary Numan. The obvious reason is that I prefer most anything just a little more angsty.

Things are falling in the livingroom, accompanied by the sound of cat feet scrambling this way and that. I will go look in a minute. The feet keep going after the things fall so I know everyone is ok. We celebrate morning like this: I get coffee, the cats run around like the little half-wild beasts they are. "Beast" is not a term of deprecation. Which is not the same as saying it is not a deprecated term; it kind of is to the degree that no one uses it as though it were precise in any way anymore. Still I prefer "companions" or "family." Not "kids"; particularly demanding cousins, more like.

Now it is eight hours later and I am getting up again. I knew that I would not last long at 4am but I didn't expect the second stage of sleep to take me all the way to noon but I'm not complaining at all because this means I will probably have enough energy to stay awake until sometime tomorrow morning meaning I could go out and take photos at sunset tonight and again at sunrise tomorrow except that I have enough photos to keep me busy for awhile so I should probably stay in and edit the ones I have. Either way, I have time, I think.

I woke up singing a tune without a name. Another one to record in voice memos on my phone or on my ipod. I need to reinstall the application that uses guitar tablature to make a score and a midi file although it may be that I can do most of that in GarageBand except the tablature but that is not what's important really I can figure out which notes go where.

It's morning. I could do anything.

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Jul. 26th, 2010 02:31 am (UTC)
I knew a couple that referred to each other as companions instead of husband and wife. It always felt so much more loving to me, and less like ownership or legality. I'm not sure if it was something in their specific tribe or something, but several native people I know use that term for their partners.

Heck, my dog is the only partner I have had the past three years so I guess he's my companion. Grins. Thank goodness I got him.
Jul. 26th, 2010 02:46 pm (UTC)
Honestly I don't see how it would be possible to own a cat. Or any animal, really, although certainly they are vulnerable to whatever we want to do to them, with sometimes tragic results.

Myself I think of the cats and me curled up on my bed on a planet spinning furiously. They make the ride more fun and less lonely. :)


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