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Somebody put something in my drink

So I bought this coffee at Rainbow the other day. It wasn't my usual brand but it was Sumatra and I had decided to try it because the beans looked oily and dark and that usually means I will Like the Coffee.

Something, though, is wrong with it. Or me. Or something. I started drinking it three days ago and for the last three days I have slept almost the whole of the day and the night. Haven't seen me here? I've been asleep.

This evening I woke up at about 5:30 which was later than I meant to because I had an appointment at the clinic downtown at 6:45 so I quickly bolted a cup of coffee and got dressed and got on the bus around 6:15. My head was starting to hurt.

By the time I got to the clinic my head was hurting enough to prompt me to stop at Walgreens for some fizzy water and ibuprofen. The appointment went quickly, strangely enough--nothing's wrong, my cholesterol is fine, everything is dandy and I decide to go from there to Rainbow as I need other food as well and while I am there my head starts pounding so badly that I swear I have not had a headache this bad in five years.

Now, one reason I went there--besides being out of food--was that I wanted to check to make sure I hadn't bought decaf last week by mistake. The bin doesn't say decaf and it doesn't have a pink 'warning this is decaf' label so I don't buy anything different but once I get through the checkout my head hurts terribly and so I finally take some ibuprofen and sit and eat the date bar I had bought as my breakfast for the day.

I walked home with my hat off so the cool seabreeze could perhaps calm down my raging blood vessels. The headache has subsided but while walking home I decided to stop at another store to get some coffee that I know is good and in a minute I am going to make myself a cup, after thoroughly cleaning the other stuff out of my cup and french press.

We'll see what happens then. I am not being scientific about this because there are other variables like food intake but the coffee has tasted strange and I have slept right through several cups of it and finally this afternoon my head erupted. Doesn't it sound like either they poured decaf in the bin without marking it or there is something else in the coffee that isn't agreeing with me?

I will either shove the old new coffee to the back of the freezer or mix it 1:2 with this that I just bought. I dunno though. The other stuff really isn't treating me well, so I might have to feed it to the worms.

I hope to stay awake tonight. I've slept enough.

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Jul. 28th, 2010 01:38 pm (UTC)
It sounds like it was decaf, all right.
Jul. 29th, 2010 07:50 am (UTC)
After a day of the right stuff, I'm quite sure that was what the problem was. I wonder how strongly I feel about that $10. I probably could get my money back.
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