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It's here!

Erik opens his boxes of books:

One Last Ditch is hot off the presses! I've set up a PayPal link at my blog if you would like to purchase a copy or if you would like to pass along the news that there is yet more poetry in the world now. I know. It's an offer that is hard to resist, isn't it?

zyrcster and I drove over to go get the books at UPS on Friday because the gate wasn't open when they happened by on Thursday and I didn't think I wanted to carry two 18-pound boxes of books home on my back or, more dorkily, in the laundry/shopping cart. I would have done it, but fortunately I did not have to. :)

The launch party is still being set up. October or November look like the most likely approximate dates, but I won't know anything more concrete for at least another week. Stay tuned!

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