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Yeah not so sure I'm going to read out tonight. My back hurts, especially when I stand up, and I'm just not quite up for it. Not sure how to remedy this; partially I am unsure whether I could be shooed away by bored cops for selling poetry without a license. I know lots of buskers do what they do without being molested, but people also do their "garage" sales on the public sidewalks without interference. I was unlucky the one time I tried that, and I find encounters with cops to be somewhat, um, 'restimulating', as Nan would say. That is, I start going all flashback-like to authoritarian church stuff.

Hm. Maybe I should go back to open mics sometime very soon. No busking money, but I could take books to sell and nobody could tell me I had to move along. Well, some open mics are very strict about the five-minute policy, but they're usually nice about it at least.

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Aug. 22nd, 2010 11:43 pm (UTC)
Actually I've seen a number of published writers reading at Kvetch--not as features but as five-minute-men and women. I'll be doing feature gigs mostly in academia after the launch as well, but any others that I can pick up I'd be happy to. We should talk more about your friend.

Right now I just want to sell my copies of my book, and if a five-minute reading could sell a book or two, I'd be happy! I have a book, but nobody knows it yet. That would change if I just showed up and read from it.


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