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In the meantime, it is National Coming Out Day.

Personally I think all the talk of closing the GayTM on the Democratic Party is an exercise in shooting ourselves in the collective foot. I keep meaning to write about this, but I cannot think of much more to say than if we get leaders with close ties to the groups that would like to legislate lgbtq people out of existence--if not members of those groups themselves--then perhaps we will get just exactly what we asked for: No Democrats.

In this country, No Democrats means All Republicans, and All Republicans means a terrifying number of people who think that biblical morality is not only the only legitimate morality, but should be enshrined in the laws of the land.

That they also want to start a war to end the world in the Middle East and outlaw the teaching of actual science is just gravy, isn't it?

Yeah that is all I really wanted to say on the subject.

Happy Coming Out Day. I am transsexual and queer and I approve of this message.

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