Erik (eriktrips) wrote,

How a bad day starts

So I am posting geekily using a terminal text editor (nano. Don't feel like fiddling with vi) but originally some time ago when I did a search
of the Dreamwidth Wiki for Linux clients my aim was to tell you how my day has gotten off to a bad start.

To understand it fully we have to go back to last night when I picked up a bottle of fizzy water that had been sitting on my floor for hours and so I opened it rather unmindfully and it spurted water in a 360-degree arc out from under the lid, depositing a few hefty drops on my old MacBook Pro. I grabbed the nearest towel which is actually quite near as I use my camping towels for odd jobs at the desk like cleaning my glasses and wiping up fizzy water when it sprays all over and I grabbed it quickly and pressed all the keys at once trying to get as much water as I could out of the keyboard, which is the main point of entry for foreign substances into a laptop.

It worked fine the rest of the evening so I did not think much about it when I awoke and started typing only to find that the 'y' key did not work. This quickly reminded me of last night's spill so I did the practical thing and pressed each key one at a time to see what else was MIA and the 6, j, and ? keys are all not giving me any screen output.

Because I cannot stand to have something not working right I immediately opened up the case and removed the keyboard and started pulling keys off one by one and cleaning underneath them since I figured if only those four keys were not working chances were good that the malfunction was
confined to the keyboard itself and that may well be true but in the middle of it all I remembered that I had therapy at 3 so I hurriedly put all my little rx caps full of screws and keys and the little scissor mechanisms Apple uses for its laptop keys in spots where they would not be likely to be knocked over by cats and I set the keyboard on top of the main case but did not attach it and I went off to therapy.

Where Nan did not show up when I thought we were scheduled to meet. This happens, and honestly it happens too often. I don't mind the occasional mixup but I am getting tired of having to adjust to a reality in which I do not know where Nan is or why she did not make it to the office when I did and so then I have to wait for her to call and she does not check her messages all that often so it can be a bit of a wait which is also starting to grate.

So we have a bit to talk about when I do hear from her. I suspect that she did not actually work today and that she has me down in her book for some other day but last week when she did not have her book she said we'd say today and possibly change it later but if she changed it she neglected to tell me.

I came back and put my computer keys back on and put the case back together and tested it out but the non-working keys were still not working and I noticed odd flashes of weird lines on the screen so I've decided that it might be best if that machine dries out for a day or two. I do not know if I will stick with this command-line journal editor but for now it works with my netbook which runs Linux so here we are.

Oh and when I got up at 11 I realized I was out of coffee so first thing I had to do was put on clothes and go get some. Not that I had to go far but going anywhere before coffee is asking too much in general.

So now I am going to try to relax and have a semi-normal evening. One klonopin is already onboard.

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