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I spoke to the always amiable Dr Press at Mission Pet Hospital and he said that of the things that could be causing urinary incontinence, only one is particularly treatable so we are going to start him on antibiotics on the very slim chance that it could be a bacterial infection. I wouldn't be so pessimistic except that when I took Jackson in a couple of months ago we did a urine culture and it came back negative so if there were no bacteria causing him to leak then, they are unlikely to be the problem now.

While pondering this I decided to bring him in next week unless there is a miraculous recovery and the good Doctor can take a closer look at his back half and we can talk more about those other things it could be: tumor (bad), neurological problem (usually idiopathic and hard to treat), or something else.

I do not have a good feeling about this. Jackson does seem low to me but then I seem a bit low to me so it is not easy to tell whether I am projecting or seeing a cat looking a little low.

So for now we wait. With puppy pads and towels and hopefully a comfortable enough place to sleep on top of me. And I give him another pill.

I am not sure how I will pay for Monday's visit but something will work out.

Through all of this his leaky heart valve, for which we have been giving him atenolol for years, has never given him any problems at all. Life is weird.

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