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free books! free books! well, one free book.

You may have noticed, or not, that I have not been writing much. Aside from the poem I put a link to in my last post and to which I will link again (be aware that the poem does deal with sexual assault in a way that I think is fairly plain) I have not managed to spit out many words in the last month or so.

I've been sleeping for one. Sleeping about 18 to 20 hours a day sometimes which if I had been awake for 36 hours beforehand would be understandable but I was doing this about every 24 hours meaning I was sleeping more than Santiago at times. I think I might be on the verge of some energy but I can never be certain about this no matter how optimistic I might feel at any given time.

Not everything has come to a complete halt, though; I have managed to do a couple of things, like prepare an electronic version of One Last Ditch and post it for FREE download yes that's FREE download at I was inspired--and convinced--by Cory Doctorow's rationale for offering his books up for free. His basic point is that writers have more to fear from obscurity than from piracy and I rather agree so in an effort to reach as many English-understanding readers as possible, I made a nice .pdf of the manuscript of One Last Ditch. It does not have the full size pretty color and it is not in fancy typesetting, but all the words are there and if you want the cover and the typesetting and my autograph (how could you not??) you can still send me money for the more object-y sort of book version of the book.

But so anyway I realized I had announced this on facebook but not on DW/LJ, and I know that some of you have not decided to encapsulate your days in tiny little snippets but sometimes I forget that people are still over here. I mean, I still read all of you, but my LJ reading list is getting quieter and my DW reading list is not growing very quickly and so it sometimes seems overly quiet in these parts.

I realize of course that if I wanted it to be less quiet I could write more, and I would like to do that if I can stay awake for enough hours to be able to think of something to say. I have also been fighting with language for about three weeks now, finding it very difficult to come up with anything substantial to put into words, so there's been that. I hope that this poem knocked something loose. It was very hard to start writing and I didn't think it was going to go anywhere at first and then I thought it was turning out completely all wrong and then I deleted some parts and rewrote them and I liked it better so I kept working on it and then I could not figure out how to stop. I am not sure it is finished but I am done for the night.

And the last thing is that I started an Infamous Menagerie blog/site over at wordpress now that I have realized how easy it is to set up shop over there in multiple guises. Not much is there yet but I hope to get some mp3s linked later tonight and then in a few days when I can afford the mapping fee will point to it. So stay tuned. I mean, I will try to keep this part of my internet life appraised of general progress.

I am still freaked out that my cousin dropped dead at 47 a month ago but that is something that is going to take some time. I would like not to lose quite as many important people this coming year please.

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