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whee. and making it systematic.

i'm supposed to be making a list of Fun Things To Do and then affixing them to my schedule in such a way that they are still Fun and not Drudgery so that they will have a rightful place in my weekly agenda in the interests of keeping me from All Working and No Playing.

i was considering taking my camera to a nearby industrial wasteland today but we have some high clouds making the light undesirable for color photos although i do have a polarizing filter that can make up for some of the haze.

see it is sunday my second day off in a row which is unprecedented as during the school year when i was teaching and studying i only took one day off per week so i am not quite sure what to do with myself other than sit in front of the computer all day which would be acceptable but not optimal.

in any case if i stay here i will have to come up with something interesting to say. naturally i have all sorts of things bouncing around in my head when i have no time to write and then when i find myself with nothing else needing to be done i can't think of anything.

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