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week in review

Last week at this time I was stressed because the next day I was meeting for dinner a friend whom I had not seen in at least twenty five years and of course that is sufficiently an unpredictable social situation to cause me to freak out slightly but I still went and it turned out so well that I thought all that stress was for naught but you know it was still unpredictable so I am not sure there was anything I could have done to make it less so. Hindsight is quite predictable and so from the two perspectives the event looks very different.

But it was very cool to hang out and I enjoyed talking about these shared memories that we have each been carrying around for almost thirty years some of them but never had a chance to talk about them before and that was kinda neat. This person is a freak in the good way that is in the same general way that all of my closest friends and myself are freaks and it was good to reflect on the fact of our survival for all this time. Not everyone has been able to do that and of course it is impossible to tell when we will become no longer capable of it but for the time being we are still around and sometimes it is made clear what sort of miracle that is.

Then what happened. The usual unusual sleeping routine for another seven of your days and five of mine. I am considering publishing my autobiography online in a form that is not simply downloadable but that creates a place on the web to go and look at it. I do not know if I want to get fancy with it quite yet because if I do this I am first going to put it up a section at a time. Just doing that could easily take a year or more.

But as more and more of it appears online I think maybe it would be interesting to come up with a way of navigating it that is consistent with the medium as well as the general shape of the narrative. Part of this might depend on whether I can successfully get my own server up and running. It is much harder these days because there are so many people out there that want access to your machine for nefarious ends that security itself is a project for specialists and since I cannot afford to pay specialists I have to become a specialist in every technology I try to deploy. Or at least I have to become marginally competent. I can run a webserver on my home network but it is a different proposition entirely to open it up to the whole world.

I also want to write songs and on Thursday night I saw with another good friend the very first film ever to make me want to make a film of my own. There are not enough lifetimes available!

In the meantime though, I am going to continue to beg people to go and watch me read my book on video at onelastditch.com. I put up the second video in the middle of the day Saturday. I am thinking, because of what I saw on Thursday, that I should do something with the visual end of this that is more than just my head in front of the camera, reading. Not sure exactly what but I have some ideas. Question is can I make them into something worth looking at. Well if not there will still be the reading itself going on. You all can always look away.

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Apr. 18th, 2011 12:07 pm (UTC)
I'm glad dinner with the friend went well.

Posting the autobiography online sounds like a good idea.
Apr. 18th, 2011 02:36 pm (UTC)
i like the idea of your autobiography as uniquely presented online too. sounds great!

when you read, there's always the possibility of a santiago sighting, which adds to the experience. :)
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