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This is me using a command-line client on my
iPod to post simultaneously to DW and LJ. As
counter-intuitive as it might sound to use a
terminal on an iPod there are only two LJ
apps out there and the one that does not
completely suck provided no easy way that I
could find to direct it to DW instead of LJ
which is how I need to do things the way my
crossposting is set up.

For some perverse
reason I want to find out whether there is
any way to get this client to crosspost to
twitter and Facebook because although there
are plenty of apps that do that just fine I
like the idea of posting in four places at
once from the command line.
Yes my iPod is
jailbroken. I am using charm which is a
python program and yes you can install a
reasonably late version of python on your
iPhone/iPod if you are up for jailbreaking

Now I want to learn iOS programming so
I can try to write a GUI DW client. But for
now this will have to be the extent of my
microcomputing DW/LJ capabilities.
Hi. Today I called in sick to my life and
decided to play with computers all day. The
only annoying thing is that I keep getting
hungry and so have find something to eat. I
like food but sometimes it is just a

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Tags: geek, jailbreak, sloth

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