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Tiny text take two

So now I am writing my journal entry with a "real" text editor, vim, which is much more useful on the iPod with its limited keyboard. I am hoping that I do not have to come back and put the paragraphs in by hand but I think the line length problem should now cease to be a problem.

I did put on street clothes and leave the house today which is usually a good thing. I have been living on oatmeal with peanut butter punctuated by occasional ice cream indulgences. I may have mentioned already that I have moderated my ice cream intake by becoming obsessed with a single flavor that is often not in stock nearby so either I must walk a mile to Safeway to get it or do without much of the time. Either way works out to my advantage since so often I only get the ice cream if I walk two miles first.

As usual I regret posting about hot button issues on Facebook. I do not like to argue so I always pause before posting and then I tiptoe out of my own threads. Things are worth discussing but I do not hold up under political bluster very well so I myself often have to avoid it. What I have trouble with is believing that I have a right to my own thoughts on a given topic if I am not willing to argue for them but argument for me is a high stakes affair in mental stability and energy management. My life would be a bit easier if I did not insist on holding minority opinions but often finding myself in the minority that is where I necessarily do most of my world building. Defending my world is something I prefer to do with silent watchfulness.

I am still sort of on a sick day or rather something like the half-day one takes after being sick. That I made it out of the house was my pushing-the-envelope goal for the day. I might try to learn something more a little later or I might fall asleep. Or most likely I will fall asleep while trying to learn something. Sitting with my feet up ans Santiago keeping them warm is a nice way to work my way back to productivity although it is also seductive: watching the cat sleep is not something that spurs ambition exactly unless one's ambition is to be more catlike. I don't know that I should try to become more catlike.

On the other hand I think I might be on the verge of an involuntary nap. I could just give in for an hour or two.

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