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adventures in One Last Ditch

So I may have mentioned something secret about One Last Ditch depending on where you might be reading this. The secret is not quite ready for public viewing yet but I will tell you what it is: I am going to be trying to raise funds on Kickstarter to finance some better quality shooting for the rest of the videos that I want to make for every single piece in the book.

I submitted my project proposal to Kickstarter and it has been approved, so I will be putting my pitch together in the next couple of weeks and then unleash it on the world. If you especially want to be kept in the know about how it is unfolding, drop me an email and I will add you to the Kickstarter email list.

I am going to be trying to learn how to publicize and network virtually like never before and because I am not the sort to go to gatherings to schmooze I will have to be very creative about finding other ways to find support. Anyone with any ideas that do not include going to parties, do tell.

I think I will try to do a talk during the Five Minutes of Fame series at Noisebridge, but first I have to sort of learn how to hang out there and then submit a talk. I have no idea how many people apply to present each month but only ten are approved so this will be interesting. Thus as you can see I am not averse to addressing largish crowds. What I do not do well is "mingle." If there are other places that might be open to listening to a poet plead for funding and you think I might not have thought of them, I would like to know about them as well. I am comfortable with a mic but not with a cocktail in my hand. It's one of my ironic little personality quirks.

This is sort of scaring me to death at the same time as it is making me excited. I have no idea whether I can succeed but I intend to have a good time trying. It is also an excuse to make another video about the other videos and I am coming to like making videos so, well, wheee!

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