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school starts tomorrow. it started today for some but not me.

today i fartzed around on the computer all day. i have a new desktop scheme which excites me unduly. for a long time it was simply black with a small black and white picture of a fossa in the middle a fossa being a catlike quadruped from madagascar and why are all the cool animals always from madagascar.

anyway i decided it was time for some color so away with the fossa and now i have a black to blue background with some blue and red lines on it that i made all by myself in photoshop. it's very abstract and could i be talking about anything more boring.

my package from campmor arrived today. i was a little disappointed in the look of the hiking boots but they fit and i needed new ones as my old ones are all flat and uncushiony from being pounded across many miles of asphalt and concrete. i do love getting packages though and living here complicates that as there is no buzzer or intercom on our front gate so one has to guess what day ups or fedex is going to try to deliver the package and spend that day running out and unlatching the gate every time a neighbor goes through and shuts it again. the neighbors are very conscientious about keeping it locked as they feel the drug dealers should not be allowed in our alley. i really don't give two hoots about the drug dealers but sometimes when i see some other neighbor has left the gate unlatched i close it just to get even.

as you can see we are in a spiral of neighborly spite.

but so on the way back from walgreen's to buy a replacement red party bulb i saw the ups truck parked at the corner and had a sudden hunch so i quietly opened and then didn't latch the gate. and it worked!

i have a number of packages on their way this week so we'll see how many of the delivery drivers figure out a way to get in and isn't this boring as well.

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