Erik (eriktrips) wrote,

is there a cup of joe in the house?

Over the weekend I bought a pound of coffee, filling the bag about half full of regular and adding decaf to fill it up. I shook the beans and poured them into the grinder at the store. Once poured I stirred the beans a little and then ground them. After they were done I shook the bag some more and when I got home I shook it again before dispensing some into the container I scoop coffee out of to brew it.

I cannot stay awake. I am beginning to feel a nasty headache coming on. . The coffee tastes weird; I cannot put my finger on why but decaf turns my stomach the way aspirin would turn a junkie's stomach. How could I possibly have not mixed the beans well? Did I unwittingly get two different kinds of decaf? I am going to have some ibuprofen and some black tea. If that does not take care of the headache I will put clothes back on and go up the street to buy a cup of certified fully leaded coffee. I wanted to just chill as I have no energy but I am beginning to suspect there is a very simple explanation for this lack.

What is it with me and loose coffee? This is the second time in a year that I've somehow managed not to get what I wanted in my cup. I'm going to have to start buying prepackaged only I guess. And look very closely at labels.

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