Erik (eriktrips) wrote,

A little after midnight..

I wanted to do this at midnight last night but I fell asleep before the clock made it all the way to 23:59 and slept until sometime after. And then I slept some more.

But so now the One Last Ditch: the movie.s. Kickstarter project has been launched and I am committed to doing the work of publicizing it over the next month and a half even though I have never been particularly good at publicizing anything. Sometimes you have to do things you have no idea how to do.

A shorter URL is this: I thought it would be good to shrink it to something more memorable.

Forty five days! I am excited and somewhat intimidated by what I have set before myself to do. But what the hell, right?

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Tags: fame, fortune, funding, kickstarter, multimedia, music, one last ditch, poetry, short film, video

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