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Kickstarter started

I will probably post madly about this for a bit but I have only 44 more days to meet my funding goal so I have to blather about myself as I have never blathered before.

The Kickstarter project for One Last Ditch: the movie.s. has been launched and my first backer has already gotten the party started, so please go have a look and if you cannot spare a few bucks, please notify your most well-off and artistically sympathetic friends and relatives! If you do, I will be grateful until the time comes that I cannot be anything anymore.

The talk at Noisebridge went fine in that I spat everything out even more quickly than I did while practicing so I was able to show the audience most of the last video I produced. I don't really know what people thought of it because I was too nervous even to notice whether anyone clapped when I was done and nobody came up to me afterwards to talk but I do not look like the most approachable person ever and my tendency not to look people in the eye with enthusiasm probably does not help but I do not know how to look people in the eye with enthusiasm and in fact am in some deep primordial way scared to death to engage anyone in so spontaneously a manner as eye contact with strangers might precipitate.

But I did find a number of books in their library that I would like to read. If I still had money there are a couple I would just buy but I cannot afford books especially expensive tech books so it is good that they are right down the street. I probably won't go there today because I want to visit a couple of bookstores that are kind of out of the way from my neighborhood and it might take a bit of time to make the rounds.

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