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i've been branching out in my clothing choices from the basic black into blues and reds and even chartreuses but i am realizing that it is very difficult for me to imagine myself in anything but black. as a result the only thing i have come up with to wear with my new 'vintage wash' blue levis is a black t shirt but i realize that in doing so i am imitating many a socially-backward 35-year-old who lives with mom and can't think of what to wear besides blue jeans and one of the many heavy metal band t shirts in the closet.

so i must think of something else. a blue t shirt with blue jeans would just be too unimaginative. it may be that t shirts are not an option with blue jeans which of course makes me un-american but i suspect that i should only wear button downs and snazzy jackets with my jeans.

this puts me in the position of needing a new jacket. oh heaven forbid i would have something to shop for.

there is of course the sweater option but it is rarely cold enough here for sweaters. yes i know san francisco is inordinately chilly in the summertime but really a light jacket is all it takes to be comfortable if you run hot like i do. and in the winter it might get, oh, 20F degrees cooler than it is now for a couple of weeks and i don't see where buying more sweaters than the two i bought last year would be at all justified.

someone help me. is it true that anything goes with blue jeans? i've seen some godawful combinations.

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