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some weeks the hormone lag sets in early. this should be discussed in another installment of What It Is Like which means i have two bouncing around in my head except that nothing is bouncing around in there because like i said the hormone lag sets in early.

i will say though that i am happier with weekly cycles than i was with monthly ones. and the nice thing about crashing on testosterone is that you just run out of energy. you don't want to kill anyone or flay yourself alive. you just run out of energy. and the other nice thing is that relief is only as far away as your next shot giving the whole ordeal a clearly circumscribed character wherein you know when it will end unlike those monthly cycles where i was sure i was going to pop at any minute and i had no idea when my body was going to decide to give it up already.

so i took my shot today and already i am feeling better as is evidenced by the already lengthy post. someday but not today i will go into more detail concerning how life shakes out when your daily rhythm is dictated by when you last shot up.

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