Erik (eriktrips) wrote,

take 36

there are times when i write something one way and then i come back to it later with a better way so i rewrite it. this can happen in all sorts of places so the rewriting is sometimes erasing and writing over the same physical space and sometimes cutting and pasting in the electronic sense.

at times i will come up with a better way of writing something after having written it a certain way that i either then or later or both then and later find unsatisfactory. depending on where i did the writing in the first place i will rewrite by crossing out and scribbling above or i will hit delete again and again.

every now and again i think of a way of writing a thing that i have already written once and i like this newer way better than the first way so i then feel compelled to replace the first with the second. there is something viscerally satisfying about crossing something out and then drawing the pencil across the page once again to write a thing differently and there is something less viscerally but perhaps more sublimely satisfying about hitting keys to make a cursor go here and there eliminating some letters and creating others. in either case it is satisfying in itself just to have thought of a new way of writing whatever it is i am rewriting.

i may write a thing and then come back and rewrite it. this may take different forms.

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