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ok! well i hardly got anything done yesterday as i couldn't quite get my focus in focus but this morning i feel a little sharper so soon i must study my french which i did manage to work on a little yesterday before my attention span disintegrated.

today i have to get square on just what TS Eliot was saying in The Waste Land and the Four Quartets. i didn't fully realize or it didn't make any difference to me before that he converted to christianity towards the beginning of his career and so now i don't trust anything he writes as he is always sneaking god in there somewhere even where it seems he doesn't belong. at times he wants to attribute otherness to god when in my opinion the christian god is all about the same but this could just be the way i was brought up. the southern baptist god is all about the same. perversion and impropriety are bad bad bad.

in any case once upon a time i took a naive intuitive approach to poetry and thought i understood TS Eliot but now that i have been trained to analyze everything he no longer makes a lot of sense or rather he makes some sense but no tight arguments but of course poetry isn't the place for tight arguments but rather the place for some amount of sense alluded to but not proclaimed outright. i keep thinking that if i knew just one more thing i could unscramble his code but the thing about poetry is that it is supposed to stay somewhat scrambled in hopes of producing something unexpected. so then i wonder if what i am seeing there anyone else has seen there and i guess if i spent less time here writing about it i could do some online research and see just what others have said but for some reason i feel like i am cheating when i do that even though i am in school and one goes to school precisely to learn from others.

ok. bowl of cereal then work work work.

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