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so rather than asking anyone to go through the whole thing again here are the latest additions:


you must keep watch out for the discrete signs of contempt. legibility is not always a constant and directly one might come to understand just why the love of it does not come precisely from within. technically the clock had stopped but in the end we were chronically late even so. if i am bound to it will it kill me. in the weeds.

between you and me chariots pass stochastically. were they not chaste. the light changed and the hunt was on. one small pink shoe. it was all too easy in the middle to lose sight of either end but that is the way life is lived she told me. deliver us from evil but if so the sun will shine interminably and who could bear that. the earth turns and we with it.

modesty makes certain demands. behold survivors of sleep standing about in the dark.

threading our way through and silently pelted as though from above but looking we saw no one. that was pretty much the gist of it. reluctantly he signed the guest book and reluctantly he signed it again. as they say one is obliged.

great gobs of fire. lability of affect. susceptibility of aim. mark this.

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