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it's funny. tomorrow is my day off and tonight i am thinking it will assuredly be a good day because i already have things to do.

i mean things to do is really all it takes to make a human happy, isn't it? boredom and death are closely related.

of course there is a difference between 'things to do' and obligations. obligations can ruin a day off. i have no obligations tomorrow. but among the things to do which i could choose not to do at any moment and no one except myself would be the worse off is going to the library to pick up a book which will be the subject of another post and watching the looney tunes videos that came with my book of high theory from amazon yesterday. (i'm aware that commas could have been useful in that last sentence but i also wonder at how many possible ways there might be to parse it without any.)

sometimes i wonder what the amazon people think when they are asked to put bugs bunny cartoons in the box being delivered to UC Berkeley. cartoons though. nothing makes me feel warmer and fuzzier than cartoons except possibly for the film version of catch-22 and why that should make me feel warm and fuzzy would be complicated to explain but it has something to do with my nostalgia for coming down which is really a nostalgia for being up.

which brings us to my professor who is flying to athens ga tomorrow morning. she told me why but i forgot. i didn't tell her exactly what the mention of athens ga brings to my mind but i did feel a little rosily-tinted after i left her office this evening.

i had a friend with whom i spent some time in athens and whom i have been trying to track down via but he hasn't registered there. some time ago and on multiple but fruitless occasions my mom hinted that she could determine his whereabouts by asking some relative of his that went to my parents' church and i always said yes please do but that never panned out and now i'm not sure how to ask. "remember that thing you were going to do for me before i told you i was going to become a man?"

i could just ask and not mention the man part. my folks seem to appreciate cursory communication even when i find it intolerable.

oh that's another thing to do tomorrow.

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