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i found a promising text today although i should be careful as to how many promising texts i find given that each of them could spawn its own chapter and i think i have to limit myself to six or so.

prairyerth by william least heat-moon. it's nonfiction. it's about kansas. it's about one county in kansas. it's 600 pages long and i don't know what it is with me and absurdly long books but i'm thinking it might be a good contemporary companion piece to stein's the making of americans.

we'll see. i'm only fifty pages in.

and oddly it resonates with beckett's the unnameable in an obscure way that i don't feel like explaining. but since everyone and his uncle is writing on beckett and levinas and blanchot and i'm already writing on levinas i think i have to leave beckett off to the side for now.

an interesting side-effect of grad school is that you become progressively able to talk about fewer books in more pages than you ever dreamed possible. i'm thinking 250 pages on four or five primary texts. and that might be pushing it.

hi. i went to school today!

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