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this morning between 10:30 and 11 i dreamed that i was stuck in coach when i was supposed to have a sleeper but i couldn't find my ticket stub to prove it to the conductor who was very rude to me. people's stuff kept invading my space and soon everything was so disheveled i couldn't find any of my tickets for the rest of the trip which was to be all the way across the country on four or five different trains.

i was very upset. when i woke up i laughed at myself and said whew. what a nightmare!

i do have real nightmares sometimes but more often i dream i have missed my train or missed my stop or forgotten my luggage or left my ticket at home. i love the train and i don't know quite how all this anxiety got attached to it.

it is already time to go to bed again. since my body insists on 12+ hours every night i have to turn in early in order to get up at a reasonable hour. i'm hoping that the extra time i spend sleeping gets tacked onto the end of my life. otherwise i'm getting ripped off.

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