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i don't don't like mondays anymore

what is it about sunday evening. i no longer have to get up at 5am to teach my 8am section so i should be happy or at least not dispiritedly vacant but here i sit in the middle lands between boredom and anxiety.

i know a lot of people have the same sort of reaction to sunday afternoon and evening and i don't know if it is only that we all (except for those of us who don't and that includes very very many) that we all go to work on monday mornings (except, again, for many including myself for now) or if there is something more going on with sundays.

sundays and trees in bloom both distress me. the name of this exposition will be things that distress me. except for on those days when i am not distressed but it seems i am distressed about at least one thing everyday but it isn't as bad as all that as sometimes the distress is minor and trivial in comparison to whatever might be making me feel nice at the same time. but sometimes i am distressed.

i graded fifteen of them. the other fifteen i will get up early and finish in the morning since grades are due tomorrow afternoon. they mostly are doing better than on the midterm which is gratifying although for some reason very few of them are noting the problematic relationship between trauma and memory in hiroshima mon amour.

but that isn't the sort of thing that i have set out for myself to write here.

soon it will be time for sunday night tv and i can forget my distress in a cavalcade of animated sitcoms.

cavalcade is not simplifying. but i like words like that. what to do.

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