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boy howdy is this strong coffee! i guess i measured out a little more than a half pot's worth.

i'm trying to figure out what to do. i took today off 1) because i went to the ballgame last night and drank beer which means i am fuzzy headed today and 2) there were some life administration things that needed taking care of before friday.

so. i went to take care of those things at the local municipal facility and don't you know it the woman who does the thing i needed done wasn't working today so i have to go back down there tomorrow which leaves me in kind of a bind because going to this place eats a big hole in my day and i have to get back to work tomorrow which means i will have to make time within my schedule to take a couple of hours off for bureaucracy management.

and so i am back here a couple of hours before i expected to be with a day off furtively taken from the middle of the week with bad conscience because i know part of the reason i took today off is that i drank last night and i am supposed to be drinking less which i am except for special occasions like ballgames. this leaves me sitting here with a half-spent day and a vaguely guilty feeling. i am also a little tired and blurry from the aforementioned beer which makes it unlikely that i will pick up and do some work after all as well as unlikely that i will take my 2 1/2 mile walk up the hill this evening. i am also running out of clean underwear and so i could do laundry but i really don't want to. if i don't do it today i will have to do it sunday. i wish we had a washer and dryer in the apartment because then i could do laundry while i whine.

the coffee is speaking. it says to me suck it up. take your walk and leave the laundry for sunday. if you don't do either one you will feel bad but if you do one or the other you will feel better.

i guess i will listen. which means i must eat a clif bar, wait an hour and then be off.

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