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lost youth

i went outside and it was drizzling and i thought about going back in but then realized that no seattle boy worth his salt would let such a paltry amount of precipitation keep him inside.

so i walked three miles to the used cd store and three miles back. here is what i bought and isn't it funny how we never dreamed that one day buying some of these titles would make us feel old.

omd - dazzle ships. this one has 'of all the things we've made' which is the main reason i bought it. the further along you get with omd the more insipid they become but this album is tolerable.

laurie anderson - big science. because i have it on vinyl but have no turntable and i miss o superman.

theatre of hate - westworld. same vinyl problem.

cabaret voltaire - code. haven't played it yet so am not sure this is the one i think it is. no matter. it was cheap.

shannonwright - dyed in the wool. have i said lately how everyone should go out and get a shannon wright cd?

loudermilk - the red record. bought entirely on the premise that if auditorium likes them i stand a fair chance of liking them too.

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