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this was going to be really long but i'm sleepy. good night.

i really could use an anaesthetic but it is not yet my weekend.


you all realize of course that our president's religious-right advisors probably believe that in hastening war in the middle east they are making way for armageddon and the return of their savior. nevermind the sheer arrogance that would lead them to believe they could wield any influence over just when god shows up; it may be they feel they are instruments of the divine plan itself or that in any case they might be instruments of the divine plan itself and if a few thousand people have to die what does it matter as long as there is a chance we are doing god's will.

it's funny isn't it how much this sounds like certain distortions that rage in my own head from time to time. am i simply projecting my own inner totalitarians onto the executive branch? well. i hope that's all it is.

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