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my morning

i wake up. i am in seattle in an apartment with my current san francisco housemates. it is 11am. there are two pairs of glasses on my bedside table: both are wire-framed but one pair is shaped like the glasses i wear now and the other looks just like my old round glasses.

my sheets are flannel with pink flowers on them. i think to myself that today i can wash my blankets because this new apartment has a washer and dryer.

i walk to the kitchen where for some reason no coffee is made even though both housemates are up. i ask c when the gay pride march begins and she answers '8:30 tonight' and i say 'isn't it odd they aren't holding it during the day as usual. are we to gather shivering in volunteer park in the middle of the night after it's over?' i think to myself that the fog will be coming in and we'll be freezing.

then i ask where the parade begins and c says 'at the bottom of revolver street' and i ask isn't that on the backside of capitol hill and she says no stupid and i say well i've been away and i don't remember.

i try to get the coffee going. there are too many lightswitches.

i realize i'm still asleep. the method for waking up in one's real bedroom in a situation like this is to close your eyes and relax and let your brain switch over to waking mode. i do this.

i wake up. it is 11am. i think to myself that today i can go shopping for new sheets to replace the flowered ones since i got my insurance money last week and could afford moderately priced sheets.

i get out of bed and notice that my mouth is filled with gravel. i note that i can see the toilet from my room and mark this as a sign that i am really awake. but when i get to the bathroom to spit out the gravel i see that the toilet is on the wrong wall.

i realize i'm still asleep. i close my eyes and relax.

i wake up but do not open my eyes. i think i hear music playing outside and then remember that i can't hear anything because my earplugs are in so i reach up to take them out.

it occurs to me that when i am trying to wake up i can't actually move my body.

i realize i'm still asleep. i relax my limbs and slowly feel them falling into the position i remember being in last time i really woke up.

i wake up but do not open my eyes.

i realize i am still asleep. i relax.

i open my eyes to see jackson lying beside me on my bed which is in the air. it is 11am. i am disappointed to know that i can't go really go shopping for sheets because i have work to do and that gay pride was months ago and held during the day as usual.

i see that the hall light is on where c forgot to turn it off as she was leaving earlier and am relieved to think that there will be coffee waiting when and if i get out of bed.

i realize i am really awake. i think to myself '10 more minutes' and close my eyes and go back to sleep.

repeat until 11:30 when i decide i can't take it anymore. i work to keep my eyes open until i can force myself to get up.

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