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whereas i can't abide the simplistic reasoning of some that would have us preserve a 'nature' 'untouched' by humanity only because natural virginity is a virtue and human incursion is always a stain, i still think it might be justifiable not to destroy wilderness for profit.

it sure would be nice if we could learn to live with the world rather than as hostile to and separate from it.

which brings me to another disturbing thought and that is that it is quite possible that the administration's attitude towards the environment is also motivated by christian cataclysmic thought. that is the earth was given to us to exploit and will be replaced by a new one very very soon so we might as well use up every bit of it that we can in the time we have left.

in other words human profit at the expense of all other life will never actually result in a negative ledger and is in fact god's will.

who remembers James Watt?

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