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at ease

ok now it's my weekend. or my half weekend.

these days i take my weekends in two distinct parts. wednesday night is my friday night and thursday is my saturday but then i interpose two working days before my saturday night which actually occurs on saturday and my sunday which actually occurs on sunday.

i change this from week to week but one can almost always count on there being a hiatus in my days off.

one reason is that i find it more difficult to start back to work if i've been idle for two or more days. inertia dictates that i keep doing what i was doing before and if this was nothing then nothing is all i want to do. if though the nothing occupied a relatively short space i can overcome it and get going again.

thus it's best to keep my attention span to a minimum. study too long? might forget how to rest. rest too long? might forget how to study.

this is why i'm no good at a 40-hr workweek.

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