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things i've wanted to say

1) complexity isn't a phantasm dreamed up by intellectuals to bamboozle the rest of us. it is in fact a feature of a world made up of more species than we can count living probably on more planets than we can count -- and maybe not all right now but at more different times than we can count -- orbiting more stars than we can count.

complexity shows up early on in even the most seemingly simple scenarios. take the third body problem: the motion of two masses orbiting each other can be predicted according to the mathematical formula for understanding gravity. add a third mass, however, and the system becomes immensely unpredictable even in the face of complicated formulae.

in this case three = indecipherability.

think what happens if you add billions of masses. that's pretty much what our world is like.

2) the systematic categorization of billions of bodies in motion requires the lopping off of particular characteristics and this is always a kind of violence. black and white thinking might get things done but it also erases the multitudes in between.

not to mention that simplistic dualism forgets that there are third bodies complicating the picture and thus hardly ever gives an accurate representation of what will happen if a certain course is taken.

this is not to say we can't draw categorical distinctions but that we should be mindful of what we have to forget in order to do so.

3) the unconscious is a third body. people are unpredictable.

4) attributing my behavior to a desire simply to oppose my upbringing ignores the possibility that i might have justifiable reasons for doing as i do. it is the ultimate insult to intelligence to call someone a reactionary whether of the left or right as to do so is to characterize one as unthinking and only taking a course of action in order to be contrary.

i don't live as i live in order to reject my familial beliefs. rather i had to modify the beliefs i received from my family in order to live more truly to myself. it wasn't easy or fun. in fact it almost killed me.

5) your opponents are almost always more complexly motivated than you would give them credit for. characterizing them as simple minded only makes it more convenient not to take them seriously.

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