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details (for altamira16)

i drink about a liter and a half of water before going to bed at night. i have to get up to pee around 3am every morning.

i map out my walks around the city so i know how much mileage i am racking up. on average i walk 5-6 miles every other day and on off days i try to walk at least 1 mile. the hard part about this city is finding flat routes to walk when you don't feel like torturing yourself with steep hills. the other day i walked through a neighborhood i never knew existed. the people there never knew i existed so i guess it all came out even.

none of my underwear is white. i am dismayed at how the colors fade in the wash. my favorite socks must be dried on medium and not high so they cost me extra quarters.

i rehearse what i am going to say before calling anyone on the phone. i am relieved when i get voicemail instead of a person.

i have found that using a washcloth in the shower saves on soap. and it exfoliates to boot. i use a brand of bar soap that is manufactured somewhere here on the west coast using oils from native plants. my favorites are cedar and sage. i have never used shampoo on my body but i have used bar soap on my hair. it does not give good results.

when i am not thinking about anything in particular there is always a song going through my head.

when i was little i would fantasize that a movie was being made about me showing how a young child made his/her way through the day with gravity and grace.

i eat at least one banana a day, usually sliced on a bowl of cereal. often i will add date pieces which i love but i will not eat whole dates because they look like cockroaches.

i haven't owned a car since i was 24 but i love to drive.

since about 11th grade the only jeans i have worn have been levis. i wear various brands of other types of pants. lately i have expanded my clothing vocabulary to include pants that are not black.

when i was about 8 years old i wanted to design shoes for a living.

i watch 'friends' reruns almost every night. phoebe is my favorite.

i get excited about haircuts. i have only been going to a barber for five years and i do not yet know the lingo.

i am often amazed at how easy it is to procure the things you need when you live in the middle of a city. of course if i had no money it would not be so easy but overall modern life astounds me. shopping online is particularly fantastic: see it, order it, wait a day or two and it comes to you.

sometimes i go to crowded places just to be in the crowd. as long as i don't have to interact with anyone i enjoy the crush and anonymity.

i don't brush my teeth as often as i should but i do brush hard so my toothbrush frays quickly.

my room is neatly organized but i don't vacuum enough. there is cat hair everywhere.

i prefer mechanical pencils.

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