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low pressure

the big story tonight is that it is raining.

after six years here i finally understand that the first rain of the season is a big deal. it has taken me this long to figure out that there can be a first rain of the season as it pretty much stops raining in april not to start again until late october or so. i mean it literally does not rain even once between april and october.

but so the tv stations have crews all over the region talking about how it is raining. woo!

ok the wind is blowing too and the waves are breaking over the sea walls but still.

when i first moved to the west coast i thought that being prone to storms coming off the ocean must be a frightful thing and in a way it is but these storms are oddly comforting where the storms that come thundering down across the plains to the deep humid south are not at all. after all you can batten down the hatches for a little wind and rain but just try to dodge the lightning bolts.

for instance one can romanticize about being in a warm room with the wind and rain beating at the window but what is there romantic about a tornado say. mulled wine and the shriek of 300mph winds. somehow i don't think so.

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