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i tried to go clothes shopping this evening. there is this factory outlet store on my street that sometimes has passable button down shirts for a song but for some reason all they had tonight were tshirts and those insulated flannel things that aren't quite a jacket and aren't quite a shirt and some have hoods and why people wear these things in a place where it never gets below 40f is beyond me.

so i went on to macys. i haven't been to macys for a while and i thought i should check out the winter selection but halfway through the denim floor my will to shop evaporated so i came home.

see part of the problem is that i don't know what my style is. when i see something i like i think to myself but would that look ridiculous on me because i really don't know. i can even try things on and never be able to decide if they look good or just weird.

i also worry about being consistent. for instance is it acceptable to wear baggy jeans and big shirt one day and a slim kenneth cole type outfit the next? can i wear all black some of the time but all blue at other times?

i used to spend a lot of energy on dressing like no one else. i did a fairly good job of it especially during my always-wear-two-to-four-shirts-at-one-time phase. it seemed important to me not to look like a normal human because i did not want to be mistaken for one.

these days i don't really care about being unique but i do care about looking good which might be shallow but just think if you had gotten a new body to play with at midlife. wouldn't you want to dress it up? but then my boyish enthusiasm runs up against the realization that i am a forty year old man and suddenly i don't even know which floor i should be shopping on.

once i saw a fellow older than i in urban outfitters. he is now my hero.

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