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hi mom!

i have decided to take tomorrow off so i am sitting here drinking beer like everyone else on the fourth of july although i am not really all that impressed with our great nation's birthday. oh there are some good things about america but overall america scares the bejesus out of me but maybe that is just humanity itself scaring the bejesus out of me. oh one shouldn't universalize to that extent it is probably just america. hell it is probably just my parents. psychosis party of one!

i finished the slotkin today. well i finished the slotkin volume one. i have another book of his to read and it is even longer. why do i always find myself drawn to works of 500 pages or more? thank god samuel beckett is on my lists. aside from the unnameable he at least was not so longwinded.

anyway one thing i learned from slotkin is that the personal confession is an american puritan literary tradition so i guess all of us here are good little puritans. i learned lots of other things too that only confirmed my fear of humanity i mean america i mean my parents.

speaking of parents does anyone else entertain the fantasy that theirs will show up here and read what they have written or am i the only adult tailed by phantom progenitors?

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