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no one read all these books for me while i was gone. what is wrong with people.

but so i get here and flippy is acting weird and hopping in and out of the litterbox. i gave his bladder a squeeze and it seems empty so things are not dire but he should really be glad i know what one feels like or i'd have whisked him off to the emergency vet on the catastrophic chance he was blocked.

when c gets home i will have to recommend a visit to our regular vet this week. it may be that he just needs lots of cranberry juice.*

it occurs to me that had i come home on saturday instead of sunday i could have had one extra party night at home before getting back to business. maybe i will anyway and blow tomorrow off. the only thing is my professor is calling me tomorrow evening but for pete's sake i should be sober by then.

it was way fucking cool to see everyone. hi everyone!

* joking. don't give your cat cranberry juice for bladder health.

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