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snooze. lose.

so here it is nearly 1pm and i just finished my first cup of coffee. so many things i wanted to do today but it looks like it is going to be study french, walk up hill, read mccarthy, go to bed. oh and take shot. it really is easy to do but sometimes i get really tired of having to poke myself and see if it hurts. if i had taken my shot yesterday i possibly wouldn't have slept half my day away today but i guess one just has to do this sort of thing now and again and it is a good thing i don't have a regular job. i don't see how i could even entertain the thought of ever having a job outside academia unless i could somehow support myself doing freelance writing or web design or something. i have gotten quite used to being on my own schedule and enjoy working so much more when it feels like my own time.

all you time clock punchers feel free to curse at me. this won't last. in fact the only reason i can do this is that the government keeps loaning me money and i keep taking it and will probably still be paying them back when i die but i have resigned myself to this and am not too worried about it. the nice thing about government loans is that if you end up destitute or otherwise unable to afford payments they will work with you to find a payment rate you can handle. i think the smartest thing to do is pay off the credit cards with the loan money. 21st century debt management.

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