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modern convenience

so i leave school in a panic because i have just remembered that i am responsible for the salad. i am also responsible for the beer but the beer i can deal with as i am sure that somewhere between here and lingerie thanksgiving land there will be a liquor store obligingly open tomorrow. i was not so sure however that i would be able to find anything like a produce section with produce still within the range of digestibility. so this evening i entertained visions of hiking to safeway only to find aisles jammed with others who like me had somehow not taken seriously the fact that thanksgiving was arriving as soon as tomorrow.

see i think this stems from growing up in the suburbs where the only places to buy food were winn dixie and kroger. the little corner store just doesn't figure in my holiday imagination. but judging from the quantities still available i would say that for every resident here in the mission there are approximately six heads of lettuce available for purchase on the night before thanksgiving and that one need go no more than two blocks to procure however many of those six are required.

and one doesn't have to stand in line to pay for them.

the one drawback is that little corner stores don't carry salad in a bag so tomorrow morning then there will be much shredding and spinning but really it is much cheaper to do the shredding and spinning yourself so it all works out.

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