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the day after

much as i would like to be like everyone else i don't think i will go shopping today. i might however take my evening walk downtown in the shopping district just to watch all the crazed consumers.

i left my slippers in my backpack which is now put away and although "away" only means next to my wardrobe in the livingroom it is underneath a few things so getting the slippers would be a mild pain in the ass. but my feet are cold.

there is pumpkin pie in the fridge. how many millions do you suppose there are who could say the same thing.

this morning jackson and flippy split a special meal of turkey and giblets canned cat food. jackson has only eaten about half of his. this is the least food-motivated cat i've ever had. i can keep his dish filled to the top and he stays slender. treats interest him but slightly.

i guess he works for love only.

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