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nothing doing

there is nothing like spending hours to take down the bare essentials of one's career to make one feel that not only has one not accomplished anything ever but that one has certainly not accomplished anything today given the amount of time it took to gather enough information for barely two pages.

it wouldn't have taken quite so long had my computer not crashed twice when i had not been steadfast in saving.

Curriculum Vitae

Erik M. Schneider
XXXXX Street, Apt X
San Francisco, CA 9XXXX
Alias: Erin K. Schneider (Legal name change in 1998)


Advanced to Candidacy for PhD, Rhetoric, University of California, Berkeley, September, 2002.

M.A. Rhetoric, University of California, Berkeley, 1999.

B.A. Comparative History of Ideas, University of Washington, 1996.

Proposed Dissertation:

“A Restless Ethics: Along the Frontier from Levinas to Stein to the Wild West”

Dissertation Committee:

Judith Butler (Co-Chair)
Lyn Hejinian (Co-Chair)
Shannon Jackson
Michael Lucey

Fields of Study/Teaching:

Twentieth-Century American Literature, Narratives of the American West

Twentieth-Century Theories of Subjectivity, Postmodern Ethics

Twentieth-Century French Literature, Twentieth-Century French Theory


“Being Here and There: The Risk of Contagion.” B.A., Comparative History of Ideas, University of Washington, 1996.


“The Proximal Difference,” interSections, 1996.


William and Flora Hewlett Foundation Fellowship, 1996.
Beinecke Memorial Scholarship, 1995.
Summa Cum Laude, University of Washington, 1996.
Annual Dean’s List, University of Washington, 1995 - 1996.

Academic Employment:

Department of Rhetoric, University of California, Berkeley

Graduate Student Instructor:

Rhetoric R1B, The Craft of Writing, (Instructor), Spring 2003.
Rhetoric 10, Introduction to Practical Reasoning and Critical Analysis of Argument, (Teaching Assistant), Spring 2001.
Rhetoric 103A, History of Rhetorical Theory, (TA), Fall 2000.
Rhetoric 1A, The Craft of Writing, (TA), Spring 2000.
Rhetoric 1A, (Instructor), Fall 1999.
Rhetoric 1A, (TA), Spring 1999.
Rhetoric 1B, (TA), Spring 1998.
Rhetoric 1A, (TA), Fall 1997.

Professional Activities:

Levinas Working Group, Department of Rhetoric, Fall 1999.
Deleuze Working Group, Department of English, Fall 2002.

Professional Affiliations:

Western Literature Association

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