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i am going to have to break down and buy ms word.

everyone in academia expects documents to be in word format and even if they don't say they expect it they tell you they can't read it if you send any other format.

students send you their drafts in the latest word 2010 format even if you tell them not to.

nisus writer crashes when i attempt to translate a document into word 5.1 format. the alternative is to start up my ancient pirated and attenuated version of word, open the nisus document, delete the nonsensical nisus formatting characters, rebold and reitalicize everything, and then save. it would be easier just to start in word and stay there.

i have to make up my mind very soon as to which word processing software is going to see me through my dissertation. one thing i have learned from the agony of others is never never never change or upgrade your word processing software in the middle of your diss.

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