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i did not leave the house yesterday. i have not yet left the house today. it is just as well i suppose since i've been shedding virus left and right. at least this way only my housemates are exposed. besides which i think i picked this up from one of them so one of them at least is probably immune.

i'm thinking though of going out for a burrito. this would be my reward for finishing my statement.

yes i know i eat a burrito almost everyday. i know a reward should be something special but those burritos are really special even in their everydayness. dinner is always a treat to which i look forward anew every 24 hours; when it is over i sometimes feel a little letdown, as though there is nothing left to stay awake for.

it's either that or beer, also not special but very special, but beer with a cold isn't that much fun. making yourself mentally fuzzy on top of feeling physically fuzzy only compounds the inertia of the sick. i might as well just go to bed early.

for sleep, while being not special, is itself very very special.

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