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we all know this already but i just want to reiterate that one of the most important relationships in my life is the one i have with my cat.

there are times when i've been teaching where i've wanted to go in to the classroom and say today let's all talk about our cats! because that would be infinitely more congenial than talking about, for instance, nietzsche's analysis of metaphor.

i have this persistent delusion that i am responsible for every cat in the world. every time a cat suffers i feel it is my fault personally. i feel this way about other animals to an extent but with cats it is more acute.

sometimes i get jealous of my cat. he never had to face qualifying exams for instance. he never has to get up early and study. his rent is alway paid by someone else. on the other hand he does get inordinately stressed about things like the doorbell or someone standing up unexpectedly.

if i ever "meet anyone" they will have to take a back seat to the cat. my cat has his space on my bed and any human interloper will have to take what is leftover. if there is any leftover.

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